We provide sanitizing services for office, society, residential as well as commercial space.

Precautions:- Avoid contact with eyes, skin and clothing. Remove and wash contaminated clothing and footwear before re-use. Avoid breathing vapors or spray mists. Pay attention to an adequate ventilation when using the product. In badly ventilated rooms respiratory protection has to be worn.

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Normally In each factory, Hotel, Hospitals, Society & Houses cockroaches create a great hones. They not just spoil the food and other things but are also responsible to create respiratory disorders. The best known pest spacious are the American cockroaches, German Cockroaches, Asian Cockroaches etc. Kitchen Trolleys, Cupboards Furniture’s, wall cracks are the place where cockroaches hide themselves.


  1. Cockroaches Herbal: We put eco-friendly Pest Inside the kitchen as well as Inside the other Premises of Residential areas, Like Bedroom, Hall, cupboards’. This treatment considered for medium level Cockroach application. In this case Kitchen sink, Toilet, Bathroom we apply Chemical spray application, in this time didn’t put water minimum 15 min in prescribed area.
    Warranty: 4 Months
  2. Cockroaches Chemical Spray:Cockroach CVR it high Procession that time we want to apply chemical spray application. The customer should be removed kitchen utilizes as soon as possible. After the chemical application you need to close your kitchen minimum 1 hours. That time keep away from children, Pregnant lady, Senior citizen at the time of spray.
    Warranty: 4 Months


Bedbugs are seen as a growing problem within all types of dwellings, including private office, Hotel, Hostel, homes, shelters. Bed bugs literally destroy our calm, silent & peaceful nap. Movie theatre, bus, Railway seats , etc are the sources through which they easily enter into our house.


  • Chemical: in case of immediate action for better solution, we use spray having less amount of Odour. For The complete removal of bedbugs, minimum two services are required. With the help of this solution, you get a complete freedom for lizards, ants and spiders as well.
  • Herbal (Eco-Friendly) :There are no needs to close your house. Eco-friendly, No odour. During the processor customer can stay with the operator, only one service.
    Warranty: 3 Months


The blood sucking creature not only cause nuisance by their irritating bites but also create wealth menace as they are responding for spreading serious diseases like malaria , dengue


  • The treatment consists of through spray of insecticides having residual effect shall be spread on inside and outside area of wall surface. Thermal fogging or misting also can be carried out to control adult mosquitoes. This treatment is generally suggested for the compound area and gardens. Time duration: as per the area & Problems.


Rats can easily persist in factory , hospital, hotels, Society, houses and in surrounding areas because they can easily get access on food over there , they destroy our cables, wires , food stuff and they create damage to paper, electric wire, cloths and also spread diseases like Plague, leptospirosis.


  • We use poison bite under this treatment. We also use rodent glue trap and rodo box, etc

Pre Construction Anti Termite Treatment Stages:

 1. Bottom and sides of foundation
 2. Refilled Earth
3. Top Surface of Plinth Filling
4. External perimeter

Post Construction Anti Termite Treatment Stages:

1. Treatment to wall and floor junction
2. Treatment to wooden fixture
3. Treatment to termite tubes
4. Treatment along the external perimeter of the building

Ant Control

It doesn’t take long for the colony of ants to trace the invisible trail left by the scouts to the heart of your home or business. When they eventually set up shop, the colony may only be a small nuisance, but they can also cause some major issues.


  1. Ant Herbal: We put eco-friendly gel which is herbal and eco friendly. This treatment considered safe and has no side effects. Time required to get rids of the ants is dependent upon the area.
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